Virtually Racing is a racing simulation company located in near Atlanta GA.

Depending on your desire the simulators are compatable with many software titles that offer on road, off road and oval racing. Street cars, Stock Cars and Open Wheel Vehicles provide a wide variety of realistic racing scenarios on many real world and fantasy tracks.

We see many uses for the simulators from head to head racing to teaching driving skills to new drivers or those with special needs.


We Build Simulators

We manufacture our own simulators primarily helping us to keep the cost low enough so that we can offer our services at a reasonable price.

Trade Shows and Events

We rent Racing Simulators for use at trade shows and other events where there is a need to attract attention or provide an opportunity for clients to have some fun with some hot lapping or head to head races.

Race Center

We are currently looking for a new location to re-open our simulated race center where we will again host monthly hot-lap challenges and open wheel championships. We will provide walk in practice sessions as well as race nights and race-offs for the callenges. The location will also be available for private hire for Team Building events and Birthday Parties.

Driver Education

Does you child need some practice in a safe environment before venturing out in the real world? Partnering with a local driving school we are also able to provide driver training and defensive driving services in the safety of a virtual world. This sevice comes with an assessment of the drivers ability.

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